Mytherapy is excited to invite you to the 2014 BSC Expo. Admittance is free and the expo will be your first opportunity this year to see all the latest technologies and products available in the film and tv production industry. Free parking is available and for those attendees travelling by train a shuttle bus service will operate from Watford Junction train station.
Pre-registration is open now. Our Chief Therapist Dado Valentic will be presenting 4 seminars, his main aim is to provide cinematographers with insights into how they can best use the latest advances in technology.

Seminar 1: CLOUD BASED PRODUCTION – Friday, 11:00am

The most exciting news for 2014 is the emergence of cloud based production systems. Mytherapy will be showing their own product called the ‘Wondercloud,’ a cloud based system which puts the entire film production process onto a shared platform accessible to team members anywhere in the world. Allowing film productions to become more collaborative and efficient this seminar will explain what cloud based systems mean in practical terms and how they will help cinematographers.

Seminar 2: SKIN TONES and DIGITAL FILM CAMERAS – Friday, 1:15pm

The most challenging part of digital image creation is the reproduction of skin tones. This seminar will explain what defines skin colour and how different camera’s render different results. Mytherapy will share their findings including the most important factors at play and what can be done to improve the look of skin. There will also be information on filters and the tools available to cinematographers.

Seminar 3: 4K PRODUCTION – OUR EXPERIENCE – Saturday, 1.30pm

After a full year of working continually on an array of 4K projects Mytherapy now has a practical knowledge of what it takes to produce and finish in 4K. Removing the marketing hype we will share our journey to show you what it really takes to shoot and deliver a 4K project including the workflow, timescales and costs.

Seminar 4: PRACTICAL LOOK MANAGEMENT – Saturday, 2.45pm

This workshop will show cinematographers how to take back control of their images through look management. It will explore the free software and tools on the market that allow cinematographers to better interact with their team so they have the best chance to communicate their vision. There will also be web based tutorials that will be shared with expo visitors and BSC members.

We hope to see you there!