3 Shinya Tsukamoto films screen at the East End Film Festival

The East End Film Festival not only showcases some of the very best UK talent, but also the work of International filmmakers. Among them this year were 3 masterworks by controversial Japanese Auteur Shinya Tsukamoto, a director who has become famous for his nightmarish masterpieces. His most famous works are Tetsuo I: The Iron Man and Tetsuo II: Body Hammer both of which were screened this week in brand new digital restorations which have just been supervised by the director himself and mastered by Mytherapy.
Also showing is his latest work and Venice Festival award winner, KOTOKO, the story of a single mother struggling to hold onto her daughter. Examining familiar images of violence and war, Tsukamoto ventures into new territory as far as subject. The Digital Cinema Package for KOTOKO was mastered by Mytherapy and will be showing on the 5th of July at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green.

Testsuo I: The Iron Man Trailer

[youtube id=”s8mEPTH0VCY” width=”770″ height=”578″]


Tetsuo II: Body Hammer Trailer

[youtube id=”qkkMUkSINDY” width=”770″ height=”578″]


KOTOKO Trailer

[youtube id=”ILChkxK-w70″ width=”770″ height=”433″]

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