Carmen 3D – Case Study

We at Mytherapy love to be at the forefront of what we do, making the seemingly impossible a reality. An example of our innovative approach was our involvement with the first 3D stereoscopic opera Carmen 3D.

The idea was floating around for a while but initially it could not be completed in the UK as the facilities simply did not exist at that time. However after completing the pre-vis, producers have approached us back in 2009 as the only company in the UK with right toolset and experience. Preparations for the shoot began. First we had to develop our own system for a Stereoscopic 3D editing, creating a plug-in for Final Cut Pro as no other 3D editing solution was available on the market. That way director Julian Napier was able to edit from his home in full 3D. On the completion of 6 weeks edit, we have performed conform and have proceed to finishing phase. For final colour grading and depth balancing we have used Iridas Speedgrade  to create some truly stunning results, considering that at that time no automated processes of balancing or correction were available at all. All screenings and approvals were done via Stereoscopic DCP’s and in the reference cinema of RealD. On completion we have performed full servicing for the production. This has included creating 11 x 2.5 hours versions of the film for international markets.

Using our stereoscopic 3D subtitling service we ensured that the final product was fit for international release in an array of formats.

Despite a recent influx of operas recorded in stereoscopic 3D, Carmen still remains the most successful of all and sets the reference for authenticity with its distinct look.

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