Making Cinema Cinematic – Mytherapy’s Film Stock Emulation Service

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We are very proud to present plug-in for the DaVinci Resolve grading suite which gives Raw footage the looks of around 60 different film stocks.

MyTherapy’s Managing Director, Dado Valentic was behind the system picking up on the importance to preserve the visual language that certain film stocks provide. It all started after he had entered a Lomo store in Carnaby Street and discovered a whole world of aficionados that are passionately using these plastic cameras with low ISO reverse film stock and with no focus or iris function. Surprisingly the images that were coming out of these cameras were alive, vivid, catchy and full of energy and most of all had strong emotional message. A similar effect can be achieved with ‘Instagram’ and so idea was born for high end application development for Davinci Resolve.
The final outcome is something of true beauty, which automatically adds production value and richness to any piece of moving image. It is compatible with any cameras that generate raw source material, including Red cameras, the Phantom camera and the Sony F65.
This process at present is available for DaVinci Resolve via the Mytherapy Facility. Be sure to check out the video below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

[vimeo id=”41096034″ width=”770″ height=”433″]

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