Frightfest – The Importance of a Quality DCP for the Independent Filmmaker

This time next month horror fans in their droves will descend upon Leicester Square looking out for fresh filmmakers to champion and future cult classics. Genre festivals such as Frightfest are a great place for films to find their target audience and to build positive press and word of mouth recommendation.

Therefore any filmmakers looking to wow their audiences will need a DCP which not only looks great but is reliable. Working your film through the festival circuit is stressful enough without having to worry about compatibility or playback. We here at Mytherapy aim to remove these concerns by creating a DCP which is solid and suitable no matter where it is played.

Final quality is crucial, so we guarantee your film will look and sound its best by putting it through a series of rigorous tests which highlight any glitches. Each Independent Film we work on is special to us, and therefore we put a lot of effort into ensuring that both you and your audience will be wowed by the results.

This year we mastered the DCP for Dominic Brunt’s Frightfest entry Before Dawn, the story of a married couple’s vacation which goes horribly wrong when they are attacked by hordes of the undead. In past years we have helped a number of Frightfest filmmakers reach their audience, having created the DCPs for hoody horror F, high school shocker The Loved Ones, the infamous The Human Centipede and most recently the bloody but brilliant Inbred.

If you want to know more get in touch or read about our services.

In the meantime check out some early footage from Before Dawn.

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