We have come up with an innovative project to showcase and demonstrate the latest developments in colour grading to a live audience of film professionals. Dado Valentic, founder of Mytherapy, and Director of Photography Peter Hannan BSC ACS have worked together to create an entirely new look for the film Dough, based on new advances in colour science powered by ACES.

Dough, shot in RAW on Arri Alexa, exemplifies cutting edge developments in colour science. Colourist Dado Valentic will perform a live grade alongside the film’s director John Goldschmidt, guiding the audience through the process and allowing them to understand and engage with the principles of look development in ACES.

This is an entirely new realm of creative workshop, enabling fellow industry professionals to gain a real life experience of the grading process for a feature film. Framed in an evening of knowledge and networking, this event is aimed at those currently looking to push the boundaries of filmmaking.

23rd September 2014


Dolby Theatrea, 4-6 Soho Square, W1D 3PZ


Please join us for a drink at our FREE event – RSVP at the link below (spaces are limited, don’t miss out!)