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In late 2012, I was approached by Adobe Systems to grade Richard Jobson’s latest film ‘Wayland’s Song’. The invitation to partner up with Adobe in this project would have been already appealing just for the fact that I would be joining forces with one of the greatest software manufacturers in the world, but in this case it was even more enticing for another couple of reasons.

First and foremost, there was the opportunity to work with Richard. Richard, who is best known for his time as lead singer of the punk rock band The Skids and later for his modeling career, is by nature a creative powerhouse and in his filmmaking approach he is not afraid to break the boundaries and try out new things. Perhaps because of his fearless and daring personality, Richard is also a very generous director, who is open to collaboration. For ‘Wayland Song’ he gave me complete freedom to run with my imagination and create a look for the film. I was able to experiment and try out unconventional looks.

Secondly, the grading for ‘Wayland’s Song’ was done entirely on Adobe’s new Creative Suite. Using the new CS for the entire post-production stage was incredible specially because the film was shot entirely on Canon 300. I am very please with the final result and cannot wait until the industry and audience can see the final product. 

‘Wayland’s Song’ is an indie feature film about a man who goes on a dramatic journey looking for his daughter upon returning from Afghanistan; the film is currently being screened at Berlinale.