Mytherapy featured in Televisual

Colour Is BeautIful –  In the ever-changing landscape of post production, colour grading house Mytherapy has established itself as a true high-end grading and finishing specialist. Company founder Dado Valentic explains what lies behind its success

The business of colour grading has changed significantly in the past few years. The best way to describe what is happening is to look at the rise of independent coffee shops. A few years ago, if you wanted a great coffee you’d have to go to Starbucks, Costa, Nero or a similar chain.

But, in recent years, an increasing number of independent coffee shops have started appearing. They use slick retro coffee machines, source their coffee beans from special organic plantations and know the name of their clients and exactly how they like their coffee. These shops are passionate about the detail – and ultimately serve the best coffee in town.

What has happened to the post industry is very similar. The chains are the equivalent of the large post production companies, and the specialist post companies that focus on a single discipline of post production are the equivalent of the independent coffee shops.


Mytherapy is such a company. We are the post production equivalent of Flat White, Lantana
or Kaffeine. Since 2005 we have been working tirelessly on finessing our skill of colour grading, motion picture retouching and finishing. Today we are a studio where producers, directors, DOPs and photographers go to when they need exceptional images and finishing.


Mytherapy is not a traditional post production company. We are a mix between a colour grading studio and research lab. We invest continuously in the development of tools and techniques for digital image processing. We have a very close relationship with camera manufacturers.

We were the first company to get our hands on the Sony F55 and were given the first Red Dragon in Europe. We also have a direct line to the head developer of our colour grading software, and, on top of this, we were given one of the first new Apple Mac Pros in the UK.


Since August 2012, we haven’t worked on anything less than 4K. We’ve even developed a colour science for the processing of raw data for motion picture cameras. All of this has culminated in what we call the ‘Mytherapy Colour Method’, which is a set of processes, workflows and applications that give the results we’re known for.

A testament to the quality of our work is the fact that only last year we graded the Golden Lion winning Philips commercial, consulted on a colour pipeline for the biggest 3D feature film production in the UK, ‘The Book of Exodus’ by Ridley Scott, and completed fashion films for brands such as Armani, Christian Dior, YSL and Agent Provocateur.


ProductionHistorically post production companies have closely guarded their colour science. But we’re a little different and have decided to make ours available to everyone, both in the form of looks available through our website and in an array of training seminars.

We’ve seen our colour method being deployed in many productions around the world, especially ones looking for a great retro 35mm feel.

So far, Mytherapy seminars have taken place in London, Los Angeles, New York, Moscow and Amsterdam, spreading the Mytherapy colour wisdom. On top of this, we also run a charity event every summer in Pula, Croatia giving 8-12 year olds the opportunity to work with the latest cameras and equipment to make and screen a short film during the country’s largest film festival.