Bloody Brilliance: Mytherapy help Inbred prepare for Autumn Release

Released this Autumn, Inbred is a no holds barred horror in the same vein as Evil Dead 2 and Bad Taste. It focuses on a group of young urban offenders who embark upon a community service weekend in the remote country village of Mortlake. There things take a turn for the worse after a minor incident with the locals spirals out into a blood drenched nightmare.

Inbred is the perfect example of the service which we provide independent filmmakers, having taken the film from finished edit to final product. We ensured that the film was able to travel the global film festival circuit effectively, helping Inbred reach its intended audience and gain international attention. The film is now ready for every release, whether DVD, Blu-Ray, VOD or 35mm. The success of Inbred on the festival circuit has secured an international release and helped establish New Flesh Films as a production company to watch out for.

[youtube id=”3lvUCAHRa6I” width=”770″ height=”433″]

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