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On the 2nd of April, we will be launching our Look Store. Our looks are a product of years of the experience we have acquired from working with colour and palettes and of general research of image and perception. So far we have been providing these looks only for a selected number of high-end post production facilities and feature film production units, which are provided on a case-by-case basis.

This is the first time that we are opening our treasure chest and sharing our extensive knowledge of colour with the world. We believe that colour grading in recent years has changed so drastically that now-a-days everybody should be able to create and develop their own looks and images. These looks are not a one-off solution that will turn image into something completely different, but are building blocks that can be used in look creation.

The looks are aimed at colour professionals. So far our main clients are post-production companies and production companies, but we also expect to see looks being used by cinematographers, small production outfits, enthusiasts, graphic designers, visual effects artists and simply anyone interested in the beauty of colour.

The looks will be licensed as tools for £99 each or a set of 6 looks for £500. These licenses will allow the user to work on unlimited amount of productions as long as there is only ever one concurrent use of the tool by the original purchaser and the end product must not contain the tool itself.