HDR Event With Dado Valentic

Ready for Change

Welcome to the world of High Dynamic Range, which has quite literally stopped us in our tracks with its exquisite quality and pioneering technology. At the moment, we are amongst the very few who are working with HDR, so we’d like to cordially invite you to join us so we can show you real HDR content which is set to revolutionise the television world.

At the seminar, we will look at the production chain and define what it takes to create and deliver a production in HDR.

Our colourist, Dado Valentic, was the Colour Scientist on the first HDR television series for Netflix, Marco Polo, which recently won the Best Picture at the ASC Awards. Only last week, we successfully completed a commercial and a short movie for the new generation of Panasonic HDR TV screens, and now we’re looking to take our work further and wider.

We have been working closely with camera and software manufacturers, to help fine tune the development of HDR, which has allowed us to create a comprehensive package where you can appreciate the whole experience of picture and sound within our 4K grading suite.

After the presentation, we will continue an open discussion in a good old-fashioned way, at the bar, empowering our brains with delicious food and refreshing drinks.

We believe in the next generation of Television, and you should come and see it for yourself.

Date: 31 March 2016
Time: There will be 2 sessions at 7pm and 8pm.
Location: Warner Bros. De Lane Lea, 75 Dean Street, London, W1D 3PU 4K Grading Theatre.

To register please contact Ivana Bajic