Mytherapy provides on-set grading for Wiseman’s Total Recall

Coming to cinemas on the 29th of August is Len Wiseman’s re-imagining of the Verhoeven’s Total Recall, a sci-fi thriller filled with high octane action sequences and lightning paced editing. It stars Colin Farrell as a factory worker whose life goes on a downward spiral after his mind-trip vacation takes a turn for the worse. Hunted by police and fighting for his life, he must figure out how to turn around his situation before it is too late.

A few weeks back Mytherapy were called on by the production to provide some of our unique on-set services. With some VFX scenes shot only just before completion, we were able to speed up production by providing them with on-set grading.
Their camera of choice was Weisscam RAW, which we processed and graded on set. The VFX unit was able to start working with footage only one hour after it was shot while producers in LA had access to preview files on the cloud almost instantly.