Throughout December and January Mytherapy has been working with Wildcard on Adam Wimpenny’s directorial debut ‘Blackwood’. Starring Ed Stoppard and Sophia Myles, ‘Blackwood’ is a thriller about a history professor who starts having visions of a masked boy after he moves to a large country house. ‘Blackwood’ was shot by one of our favourites DoPs Dale McCready. Dale has chosen to shoot with anamorphic lenses using Red Epic.

The most interesting part of ‘Blackwood’ workflow was the fact that it was a 100% DIT FREE production. In simple terms, production has been working the 35mm route, where rushes have been delivered to our LAB at the end of each day. Here, in a controlled and colour managed environment, we were able to process the images in the shortest possible time, but with much higher fidelity and image control than we would be able to have on-set. The project is now in the safe hands of editing department and we are looking forward to the final grading session.