Since this morning you can browse through our online Look Store. We have opened the store with six looks: bleach bypass, cross process, Kodak 2383, Fuji 3513, black & white and universal.

Our looks have been developed for the 3 most popular cameras: Arri Alexa in Log-C mode (Pro Res 422, DNxHD, Prores 444 and RAW ), RED Epic or RED One in Red Log Film mode (R3D or transcoded to any format) and Sony F5, F55, F65 cameras in Slog2 mode (RAW or transcoded) and are compatible with almost all professional colour grading applications including: Davinci Resolve, Filmlight Baselight, Adobe Speedgrade, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Nucoda Filmmaster, Quantel eQ, Quantel Pablo, Assimilate Scratch, Pomfort Live Grade and SGO Mistika.

The looks available at our Store are a product of years of the experience we have acquired from working with colour and palettes and of general research of image and perception. So far we have been providing these looks only for a selected number of high-end feature film productions, commercials and post-production facilities.