StreetDance 3D – Case Study

StreetDance 3D was the very first British Stereoscopic 3D film and we here at Mytherapy were very proud to be part of it. James Richardson of Vertigo Films acted as Producer, bringing together the rising popularity of 3D with the UK’s obsession with street dancing. From there the film was shot on a budget of £4.5 million with Paradise FX completing the 3D on-set. The bulk of post-production was completed in Germany by Vertigo’s sister company, but we came in at the latter stages to complete the final mastering.  This included the use of our industry renowned stereoscopic subtitling solution which enabled the film to be received in the highest quality internationally.

We are enormously pleased to say we were involved with such an innovative and forward-thinking project, with StreetDance 3D since generating over £11 million at the Box Office.

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