Televisual Picks Up on MyTherapy’s Film Stock Emulation

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Recently Televisual ran an article about our Film Stock Emulation service, highlighting how the plug-in works to add depth and cinematic beauty to digital footage. Check out the article below to read the full story:

Emulating Film Stocks

Charlotte Street based grading boutique, digital cinema specialist and post house Mytherapy has created a plug-in for the DaVinci Resolve grading suite that gives raw footage the look of around 60 different film stocks.
Mytherapy’s ‘Film Stock Emulation’ software transforms digitally shot footage, giving it the look of a specific film print. It took the facility nine months to develop and provides the means to emulate 60 classic film stocks, mainly from Kodak to Fuji.
The aim is to continue developing the software and add additional film stocks to eventually build it up to a library of 200 different film stock emulations, including “more exotic film stocks and processes”.
Film stock emulation was created by Mytherapy’s chief colourist Dado Valentic, who was initially inspired to kick off its developmeny after entering the lomography store in Carnaby Street and “discovering a whole world of aficionados who are passionately using these plastic cameras with low ISO reverse film stock and with no focus or iris function.”
“Surprisingly the images coming out of these cameras were alive, vivid, catchy and full of energy and most of all had a strong emotional message,” says Valentic. “A similar effect can be achieved with the Instagram app, so the idea was born to develop a high-end application for DaVinci Resolve.”

Valentic is naturally passionate about old film stocks: “In order to give our images stronger subconscious and emotional value we need to go back in time and re-visit those image transformations that different film stocks give us.”

“Having the knowledge of raw image manipulation, we were able to devise a calculation where we sampled historic film stocks and turned those values, in 32-bit, into colour transformations,” says Valentic. “When applied inside the DaVinci grading system, we are able to create film stock emulation in real-time and on images of up to 4K resolution.”

Mytherapy’s Film Stock Emulation is currently only available for DaVinci Resolve via the Mytherapy facility. It works with cameras that generate raw source material, such as the Sony F65, Red cameras and the Phantom camera.

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